Monday, April 20, 2015

Love Mixed Media Canvas

Good morning!!

Just thought I would share a picture of what I was up to on the weekend.  Me and 3 other ladies decided to travel 3 hours (one way) to take a class for this mixed media piece.  I was so happy to figured out how people do these and buy some new supplies for myself.  Yikes that was a bill but whatever.  LOL!!  

Thanks to Clipper Street Scrapbook Company for the awesome lesson.  Stay tuned for my white piece I created yesterday.  These are just FUN and take just as long as a card does.  My next piece will be a 12" x 12" so looking forward to that.  

Have a great week!


Hellma said...

Stunning work, just love how these look but would never aspire to try these. Great work can't wait to see your white work.

Scraptastisch said...

Hoi Eulanda,
It`s so much fun to do this and you must travel 3 hours to made this! but this is so beautifull! And I now, the fun to make this, but I did this at home last week all by was a hreat adventure...wach my last post and than you see also mixed media, hihi. PPPppfffttt the english writing is difficult for me, but you understand me, do you??? hihi
Have a nice week and many greetings from Gerie


Great project! Love the colors! You were asking about the colors I used from Prima on the white Gesso and I wanted to let you know they were the color blooms.